Are you having an affair with a married man?

When a woman decides to enter an affair with having an affair with a married man aska married man it means only one or two things – she has not been completely happy in her own marriage or current relationship for a very long time, or she experienced her own husband or partner having an affair and it is now time for her to attempt her own affair. In general men will experiment and attempt affairs more frequently than most women would. Women will initially search for some serious reasons to validate them entering any kind of affair. Men are able to have an affair with married women without too many reasons to do it. It almost seems like second nature to most men and they do it without the same amount of guilt which most women will experience in an affair.

If you are a woman and you are having an affair with a married man, you are sure to experience feelings of doubt and loads of guilt trips. You might feel like the other woman usually and this bothers you more times than not. It is possible for women to get more emotional about their affair and it is not uncommon for a woman to fall head over heels in love with the married man she is having the affair with. We all know how women can be more emotional than men in general and this makes them prone to getting hurt many a times during and after an affair with a married man especially.

Women involved in extra marital affairs find themselves trapped in most affairs and because their emotions take over they will consider ending an affair with a married man. To stop an affair with a married man is never that easy and one reason is because the married man enjoys this affair with you more than you tend to enjoy it. The married man you are having your affair with can distance himself from his emotions much better and will not feel that guilty either. Ending an affair with a married man might be harder most of the times as he cannot let go as easily as you are able to.

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